Coordinator's Corner

Mentoring Coordinators

Karen Williams (Northwestern) and Christine Hunter presented a module they developed entitled “Fundamentals of Clinical Research” to PSG coordinators at the September 2015 annual meeting in Sanibel, Florida. A checklist was also given to provide basic “training” in clinical research for PSG coordinators which can be used by many coordinators and/or investigators as a basic tool. 

Download PPT presentation: Fundamentals of Clinical Research

Download: Coordinator Training Checklist (version date 8.2015)

Excerpts from All Coordinator’s Meeting 2013

Karen Williams from Northwestern University presented on recruitment and figuring out why people stay away from participating in research. Though the number of studies is on the low side she still is concerned as to why people are not participating at the level they did on the past. She developed a questionnaire that people in her waiting room completed in order to learn "why" they don't participate. This brief questionnaire, “Have you ever participated in a clinical trial” is attached to this report for your review. (Click here to download a PDF of the questionaire.)

Julia Spears from the University of Toledo presented on "Who’s Who on the 1572". Her presentation focused on what the FDA guidelines state vs what the sponsors ask us for, even though what they request are not mentioned in the guidelines. Julia recommends setting up an SOP for the completion of the 1572. (Click here to download a PDF of the slideshow.)

Claire Meunier from The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) presented on “PSG Recruitment and Retention”. Claire has consulted with several PSG coordinators in her daily interactions with people doing research to see what is needed to get people involved in PD research. Along with determining with your PI what is your site specific process, Claire spoke of the MJFF Fox Trial Finder (FTF). Many coordinators are aware of this resource, like BUT the FTF is more interactive and allows for people who register with the site to be sought out for study compatibility and for anyone doing PD research to register their study to see who might fit their criteria. (Click here to download a PDF of the MJFF presentation.)