PSG Executive Committee

The PSG is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws and an elected Executive Committee that is primarily responsible for the direction and oversight of its research projects and activities.

Key Documents

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PSG Bylaws
PSG Policies & Procedures
Conflict of Interest Guidelines

Executive Committee Overview

The PSG Executive Committee oversees all the PSG study steering committees, the Scientific Review Committee, the Mentoring Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Credentials Committee, the Publications Committee, the Standards Committee, the Study Budget Committee, and the Symposia Committee (Click here to view/download the PSG Standing Committee Members list). The Executive Committee is also responsible for overseeing the PSG working groups (Cognitive/Psychiatric (Behavior), Biomarkers, Genetics and Environmental Risk, Health/Care Outcomes and Disparities, Other Non-Motor Features of PD, Functional Neurosurgical and Classic Motor) that are responsible for developing new PSG projects. PSG members interested in joining a working group may contact the Chair of that group.

Executive Committee Members and Co-chairs

PSG Executive Committee Members:
Roger Albin (2015-2018)
Cindy Casaceli (2015-2018)
Kelvin Chou (2017-2020)
Alberto Espay (2015-2018)
Christine Hunter (2015-2017)
Eric Macklin (2015-2018)
Peter LeWitt (2015-2018)
David K. Simon (2017-2020)

Ex-officio members:
Karen Rabinowitz, JD, Legal Counsel
Roseanna Battista, BS, Administrative Manager
Donna Moszkowicz, CMP, Development and Event Manager

PSG Chair and Co-chair:

Michael Schwarzschild, MD, PhD, Chair (2012-2018)

Hubert Fernandez, MD, Co-Chair (2012-2018)

Click here to download the Executive Committee position statement.

Click here to download the Standing Committee list.