The PSG Advantage: Four Reasons to Partner with PSG

Our Network

We are the longest standing, largest and most experienced network of committed and credentialed PD Centers for over 25 years! Our network comprises 132 credentialed PD Centers throughout North America. We take great pride in our strict credentialing process whereby only Clinical Trial Centers with substantial experience and expertise in the care of PD patients can be members of our network.

Our Comprehensive Service and Flexibility

Sponsors can choose to partner with the PSG for the entire clinical trial life cycle from protocol creation to FDA application; or “cherry-pick” from the following services coupled to PSG trials:

  •      Protocol creation/modification
  •      Event planning for the Investigator’s Meeting
  •      Project Management
  •      Clinical Monitoring
  •      Data Management

Our Track Record

We have completed over 40 Parkinson clinical trials enrolling from 8 to 800+ subjects, totaling more than 7,000 Parkinson patients. More importantly, our clinical trials have been instrumental in FDA approval of 4 Parkinson drugs:

  •      Rasagiline
  •      Rotigotine
  •      Entacapone
  •      Pramipexole

Our Reputation

Above all else, the Parkinson Study Group is most known for the scientific rigor in the way it conducts its clinical trials and for the high quality of its publications, providing the greatest impact and longevity of drugs investigated.  Our standing among PD stakeholders is reflected in our 200+ scientific publications and our contributions to successful FDA applications.