PSG Working Groups

The Parkinson Study Group (PSG) Working Groups enable collaborations among investigators with related interests in PD. Their primary goal is to generate proposals for new research studies, either interventional or observational, as well as retrospective data mining projects. They provide a forum for initial discussion and feedback on research projects and clinical trials and are responsible for generating or facilitating proposals to submission to the Scientific Review Committee for further feedback and consideration before submitting proposals for funding. They meet via teleconference when needed and meet in person at least once a year (at the PSG Annual Meeting). 

There are seven working groups: BiomarkersClassic MotorCognitive/Psychiatric (Behavior)Functional NeurosurgicalGenetics/Environmental RiskHealth/Care Outcomes and Disparitiesand Other Non-Motor Features of PD.

Each working group has a mandate statement that describes the goals of the working group, potential scope of working group activity, examples of ideas for projects, and procedures for member initiated proposals. A pre-proposal request form is provided to submit preliminary proposals/ideas to working groups to provide feedback and discussions that will help the investigator to improve the plan and potentially to prepare a more complete proposal for submission to the PSG Scientific Review Committee or for a submission to other funding agencies. You will find a link to these documents under each working group name.

How to become a PSG Working Group Member

If you want to become a member or have an idea for a project, please contact the working group’s chairperson via the email link listed under each working group description.

You can download the Working Group Summaries from the 2016 PSG Annual Meeting here.